How to read food labels

    In order to eat healthy it’s extremely important that you learn how to read food labels in order to understand what products contain and what you are eating. The ingredients listed in the Nutrition Facts label on the packaging are listed in order of their proportion in the product, so the first three ingredients listed are the most prominent in that food. The first sign that you are holding a highly processed food in your hand is when there are many ingredients listed in the nutrition label. Since your daily menu should consist of proteins, vegetables, and fat, you shouldn’t even look at products that contain multiple ingredients.

    The food industry is trying really hard to make us think that we are eating healthy foods. They put “natural,” “organic,” and “real fruit juice” on everything from chips to popsicles and many people believe them. But they can’t trick us! From now on question everything and become a food detective. Remember, natural healthy foods do not have more than ten ingredients.

    Happy healthy food hunting!