This Week's Goal

Just as important it is to work on and set goals for ourselves, we need to make sure our surroundings are harmonious as well. Here are some tips to de-clutter your space from paper this week. 

1.      Make sure you sign up for online bill pay and receive less paper bills.
2.      Spend 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at the end of the day to clean up your email inbox. It’s a good way to quickly get rid of the junk mail.
3.      Set up a box where you put away the snail mail. Sort the mail as soon as you get inside the door and recycle all the junk mail right away.
4.      Set up a shredding station so that you can shred important papers ongoing. If it’s put in a pile for later, the pile will grow and just clutter your desk or counter.

Close your eyes. Can you see it? Do you see the clean desk or counter in front of you? If you need a kick-start of your new organization habit, throw a party. It will force you to clean up and from there you can maintain your clean house!

Happy de-cluttering!