Questions and Answers

    . Time for some Questions and Answers. Thanks to all for emailing me your questions! Here we go:

    Hi! I’m stuck in my weight-loss and was wondering what I can do to start seeing a change on the scale again. Thanks, Laura

    Hi Laura, It’s difficult to give advice without knowing more details about your current diet and exercise regime. But some things that always works is to change up your exercise a little. Our bodies adapt pretty quickly to a routine, so it's good to shake it up a bit every 4-6 weeks. Add heavier weights or more intensive cardio. Another thing that works is going back to basics; drink lots of water, look over your daily calorie count etc. If you are following the LCHF/keto lifestyle make sure you don't over eat diary products (it's easy to put too much cream in your coffee etc) or eat to many nuts and almonds (too many carbs). If you email me with more details, I would be happy to give more advice! ...........................

    Hi Madlene! Thanks for a great blog! I love reading your advice and trying the recipe. I was wondering why you don’t post more photos of yourself. Would love to see more of you and your journey. Best, Maggie

    Hi Maggie, I’m so happy you like the blog! I have to admit that I hate to be in photos, but I will try :)


    Hi Madlene, I've just fallen "off the LCHF wagon", and I'm wondering what do I do now. I've lost almost 14 pounds so far with a strict LCHF diet, but last weekend I went to a party and lost it completely. I ate every dessert in sight. I feel lost now and don't know what to do next. Help! Thanks, Kim

    Hi Kim, We've all been in those situation, and probably will be again. Personally I think it's best to accept lifes ups and downs, and always look ahead. I used to be of the mindset that if I had eaten something "bad" I would just keep on eating. I had ruined the day, so why not continue? But someone once told me a saying which has helped me many times - if you fall down a stairs and get up half way. Would you through yourself the stairs and continue to tumble down? Of course not. The same with eating, why would you continue eating if you caught yourself half way. Also, try to see LCHF/keto as a lifestyle, and not a diet. Life will always be up and down, so go with the flow. So forgive yourself, celebrate your incredible success (you lost 14 pounds!) and keep on going!

    Thanks for all emails! Keep on sending them :)