Tricks for not quitting

We all have moments when we want to quit and eat an entire cake (I have had those moments this entire week...). Those moments are tough to fight so we need all tricks we can get to win the battle.

  • Remember why you want to get healthy and why you started working on your health to begin with
  • Keep a "before" photo handy to remind yourself where you started
  • Be aware of your thoughts. Your mind is going to trick you and talk you into eating junk food. Don't buy into it!
  • When the cravings set in, tell yourself that you only need to resist them for one day. Take one day at a time
  • Remember that you are worth it, and that no one can stop you from getting healthy
  • Check out photos and quotes on social media for motivation. Soon you will forget about that craving.

Good luck! You can do it!