This election's impact on your health

I had my weekly meeting with Emma this morning. We reviewed and documented her progress from last week (down another pound!), but it was difficult to concentrate. We talked about how stressful this election has been and how much it has impacted us all. Many of my Clients and friends have been battling stress eating all fall. So many of us turn to food for comfort. Emma and I talked about what you can do instead of eating when you get stressed or feeling depressed. You can exercise, talk to a friend, write in a journal or read a book. Often the best thing is to get out of the house to get away from the food, and to get some fresh air to clear your head. Emma and I took the second half our meeting outside, taking a long walk as we talked. When we came back we felt more relaxed and focused. The exercise we got was a great added bonus.

Regardless of who wins this week, don't let it impact your health. In fact, don't let everyone else impact your health or what you are eating. You are worth only the best here in life!

If you are going to stress eat, eat this! :)