Negative thoughts

    I had an interesting interaction at the book store last weekend. I was looking at the health books trying to find my next read when a woman started talking to me:

    Woman: Have you read this low carb book? (she is holding up a book) Me: Yes, I love that one! It’s really good. Woman: Yes, we have to continue spreading the word about LCHF and low carb Me: Yes, definitely! I’m so happy that more and more people are finding this lifestyle. I’ve actually been following the lifestyle for more than two years and written a book about the lifestyle – Eat, more fat Fatty! And lose weight. The woman looks at me up and down slowly and gives me a weak smile, not even trying to hide her thoughts. Me: Well, have a good day and good luck in finding a book!

    I walked away shocked. This woman had no idea where I had been in my health journey, but she judged me right away. Clearly she thought that I didn't look like I was on a low carb lifestyle. But she didn’t know if I had lost 200 pounds and had great success in my weight loss, or if I was still struggling every day to stay on track. It reminded me how important support is on our journey to health and that we need to stand together and motivate each other. We all deserve great health.

    Wherever you are in your journey, you are doing fantastic! Take one day at a time, and just keep on going. No negative thoughts or comments are going to stop us. We are on our way!