A strategy for Thanksgiving

In my meeting with Emma this morning we first checked in on her progress. She has lost 1 pound since last week, which is perfect. As you know, she started last week to add one vegetarian day to her week. It's only been one week, but she has loved it so far. She described the day as "refreshing" and "healing". We took vegetarian recipes from this blog to plan out her coming vegetarian days. Planning is everything!

The rest of the meeting we spent creating a strategy for Thanksgiving. For us who are addicted to food and sugar, Thanksgiving is a tough day with many temptations.

This is Emma's strategy

  • Emma is going to enjoy the day and not focus on restrictions
  • She is going to pick her favorite foods and have a small portion of each
  • Emma is going to start with and fill up on the salads and vegetarian dishes, and then move on to the stuffing, sweet potato casserole etc
  • She is going to have one glass of red wine and then seltzers and lots of water
  • Emma will enjoy one piece of her favorite pie
  • She is going to have fun with her family and laugh a lot
  • She will get back on the plan the next day

What is your strategy?