Stellibell [noun]: A state of striving for a quality life the easy way. Focusing on optimal health for body, spirit and mind

Stellibell's approach to nutrition and health

We are on this earth to experience love, happiness and bliss. Too many of us are struggling with our relationship with food, and I’m here to help you improve that relationship. It’s time to start living to your fullest potential and enjoying your life to the max. Mindful Eating is a strong component of the Stellibell lifestyle. It’s feeding your body wholesome foods that fuel both your body and soul. Research shows that mindful eating helps with the development of healthy weight management and maintainable eating habits. It helps us create long-term improvements in our health, as well as improve our psychological well-being. It’s time to taste the fullness of your life.


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My defining moment was when I realized it was up to me to create my own life. I was responsible for it. I was worth it. It wasn't too late. And it was up to me to make it happen. I knew I could do it, but how? I wanted to feel healthy, to lose weight and to love life. It was a scary moment of desperately needing a change, but not knowing where to start. I started with asking every person I knew for help. Seeking information, asking advice, gaining knowledge. Step by step I created the life I wanted.

If I can do it, so can you. Just take your first step. One step and you will be on your way.