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Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating is a strong component of the Stellibell lifestyle. It’s feeding your body wholesome foods to fuel both your body and soul. Research shows that mindful eating helps with the development of healthy weight management and maintainable eating habits. It helps us make long-term improvements in our health, as well as improve our psychological well-being. The practice of mindfulness is to be fully present and aware of the moment you are experiencing. Mindful Eating is to practice a complete focus on what you are eating, awareness of thoughts and emotions, and feeling gratitude for the food you have been given.

A beautiful table will help you to slow down and appreciate your food and surroundings.

Mindful Eating guides us to nourishing our bodies with energy and fueling it with healthy foods. You will start to see food in a positive light instead of associate food with negative emotions. Mindful Eating also teaches us to trust our bodies to tell us when and what to eat in order to feel our best.

The benefits of Mindful Eating

  • Mindless eating creates a healthy relationship with foods
  • It will help you develop healthy habits
  • You will learn how to appreciate and enjoy the taste and flavors of healthy foods
  • It will ensure you fuel your body with healthy foods
  • You will become aware of the emotions around eating and food
  • You will become more thankful

Mindful eating helps us move away from

  • Mindless eating of processed foods
  • Overeating and binge eating
  • Feeling guilty about eating and food
  • Dieting
  • Focusing on our weight



How to start practicing Mindful Eating


1. Be aware of your body

Throughout the day, be aware of your energy levels and mood. Are you really hungry, or are you stressed or frustrated?  Thirst can also be mistaken for hunger.  By being aware of your feelings and energy you will start to learn when you are really hungry.

2. Prepare your meals

Plan your meals in advanced and cook your own meals using real wholesome ingredients. Focus on the act of cooking- even the simple act of slicing and stirring can be relaxing. Pay attention to and enjoy the aromas. The result will be a delicious meal for you to sit down and enjoy.

3. Slow down

Sit down for every meal. Take your time to eat, chewing your food slowly and enjoy every bite. Organize your day and manage your time to ensure that you have an established meal time, without feeling rushed. If you don’t have the time to eat every meal mindfully, start off by choosing one or two meals a week to eat mindfully.

4. Focus on your food

Sit down for every meal. Before you start eating, clear your mind and take a moment to be grateful.  Take your time to eat; chewing your food slowly and enjoy and notice all the different flavors. Visualize how the food is giving every cell in your body energy and nutrients.

5. Love yourself

Be kind to yourself and your body. Love your body, and show your love by eating the right foods.


Food is beautiful and a gift every day.