Stellibell Health Coaching



My mission is to provide you with coaching that will help you create new sustainable healthy habits that will help you live a healthy happy life. Helping people to live a healthy, happy life is a privilege to me, and my passion in life. 


I've combined my expert advice as a Certified Nutritionist, personal advice from my own learnings, and my unique tools in one place to give you the right information, and knowledge to guide you to success. My Certification Programs combines everything you need in one place to start living the healthy happy life you've been looking for. A very small investment in the most important thing in life, your health.

The Stellibell Health Certification Program


A small investment in your health of $299.00, which is now only $120.00 for all Cultural Care friends. That is 60% off!

Looking to lose weight, gain more energy, become happier or get stronger? Tired of constantly trying and failing to stick to a healthy lifestyle? Then this is the program for you. Before I became a Nutritionist and turned around my life and health, I tried every diet out there. I know what it takes to once and for all change your lifestyle, and I'm here to help you change yours.

The program will teach you:

  • How to assess your current situation (readiness and kitchen assessments)
  • How to create goals and plans for reaching goals
  • What to eat and not to eat, healthy snacking, the 80%20% rule etc
  • How to create workout routines that will work for you
  • What tools for success are (how to create a support system, healthy shopping etc)
  • How to create healthy habits
  • How to create a happy fulfilled life (how to meditate, how to create a happiness project, use affirmation etc)
  • Plus more
I’m ready for my new healthy life!

Client testimonials


I had reached that point in my life when I desperately needed a change. I just didn’t know how to do it on my own. I had tried online programs and apps, but I needed more support and a plan that worked for me. The Stellibell Plan was the right choice for me.

Madlene gave me the knowledge and support I needed to fulfill my dream and reach my goal. After the completing the program I had the tools and knowledge to continue myself. I felt good about and confident in the healthy habits I had created.

Madlene truly cares about her Clients, and is an expert nutritionist who I trust 100%. She still surprises me now and then with a check-in email that will kick me in the butt to continue going! I would recommend this course in a heartbeat. My only regret is that I waited too long to sign up!

Victoria Erikson