Weekly Goal

The team here at Stellibell is close knit group who are passionate about and always thinking about how we can become better people and make the world a better place. One thing we’ve done for some time now and that works well is that we come up with a new rule every week that we have to follow. The purpose of the rule is to create a new habit that will make us better people and that way also make the world a better place.
By adding new things slowly we have managed to change our behavior to the better (ok, some haven’t stuck as easily as we would hope….and we’ve had them as goals for several weeks…but it’s about the journey not the goal, right?) Moving forward we will share our weekly goal with you here and you can join us or try your own goals.
This week’s goal is to only think positive thoughts about ourselves.  Easier said than done. We can be pretty critical and too often think – ah, I’m such an idiot! This does more damage than you think. By being mean to ourselves we are allowing others to do the same. Not cool. So starting today, no more!