Triggers for overeating

.I've been thinking a lot lately about what motivates me. In order to lose weight you need to focus on more than just what you eat. You also need to focus on your thoughts and behaviors. What makes you overeat and not exercise, and vice versa? Do you know your triggers for overeating?

Here are some of my triggers:

- I'm an emotional eater. I eat when I'm stressed, sad, tired etc - When I go out to eat with my family and friends I often overeat because "this is a special occasion so I'm allowed to eat" - I sometimes mistake a craving for thirst. As soon as I drink a glass of water the craving goes away - I've been told my whole life to "finish your plate" so I sometimes forget that I need to stop eating when I'm full - If I don't see any progress in my weight or in the way I feel I slip onto the mindset of "I might as well eat anyway because nothing is happening"

What are your triggers? Write them down. By identifying your triggers you will be able to manage and avoid them.

One of my favorite saying to help me fight cravings is - Madlene, you are smarter than that! Why would you fall for some cravings! - I also don't negotiate with myself because no one is better to come up with excuses to eat then I am! These are the best ones - I'm having a really bad day so I deserve to eat this, I don't know if I will be able to eat dinner on time so I better make sure I have a big lunch, I worked out so I deserve to eat a little bit more etc etc. When these thoughts pop up in my mind I stop them right away. I'm worth being healthy

The only cravings I give in to, because they are perfectly fine to eat.

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