Time saving tips #4 – routines

Here is the next post in our time-savings tips series. We can save a lot of time by creating routines at home:• Put out your clothes for work the night before. Iron them if needed. • Pack your lunch for work the night before. Or the kid’s lunch for school the night before. This way it’s also easier to plan healthier meals, since you won’t throw something together quickly when you are too tired to think about lunch. • Go through the snail mail right away when you get it from the mailbox. File bills in a special location and put junk in the recycling bin right away. This also means you will have a clean kitchen counter ongoing. • Invest in a coffee maker with a timer and prep it before you go to bed. • Spend 10-15 minutes straitening up the house before you go to bed. Maintaining the house saves you from big cleaning sessions.

Let's save some time for fun stuff! Let's live!