Time-saving tip #2 – cleaning

Who doesn't want to save time and cut down on time spent on cleaning? I have to admit I’m a clean freak, but I don’t clean for hours every week. Here are some things that help me keep the house clean ongoing and help save me time: - I clean out the fridge (throw out old food and wipe it down) before I put in new groceries (when the Stellibell Menu and Delivery Service arrives on Sundays) - I’ve created a cleaning schedule for main tasks, so that they fit in to our overall schedule with kids activities etc - Vacuuming on Saturdays (dusting before vacuuming) – tops 30 mins. Put on your workout clothes and vacuum as fast as you can. It’s a workout! - Laundry on Sundays. Start early in the morning so you have it done early and can relax in the afternoon. - Bathrooms – I take 2 mins to wipe it down every night, and I scrub the shower while I take a shower. This way I don’t have to set aside 30 minutes a week to clean the bathroom.

- Kitchen – we all help out with dishes and to clean up after dinner so that the kitchen is clean ongoing. - Our house is a two-story house so we place everything that has to go upstairs on the stairs, and no one goes upstairs without grabbing what is on the stairs.

As you can see I maintain the house with 15 minutes cleaning here and there, and by doing so, I never spend 2 hours straight cleaning every weekend. These routines are not only a great way to save time but they also a great for our health to keep the house clean ongoing.

What are your time-saving tips for cleaning? Please share with me at molander@stellibell.com