This Week's Goal

Our goal this week is portion control, or maybe we should say mindful eating. Ever hear the saying, “breakfast should be eaten as a king, lunch as a prince, dinner as a farmer and your evening snack as a poor man”? It’s a really good guideline to follow. 

The most food should be eaten earlier in the day when we are busy and our bodies are active and burning calories. As the day progresses and we start to wind down into our more relaxed evenings, we should also slow down our food intake. It’s a simple formula for our everyday life. The good thing with eating clean (all Stellibell’s recipes are clean eating) is that you don’t have to worry about measuring your food or counting calories. Eat healthy and eat until you are just about full. Focus on eating and eating alone when you are enjoying a meal. This will help you not to overeat. 

Happy Eating!