This Week's Goal

As Stellibell members we eat very healthy at home and during the week, but what about the weekends and party time? Here are some strategies to keep you on track:
  • A lot of us have a difficult time saying no when being offered dessert (there is that guilt again…), so instead of saying no, just say “I would love to, I’m just going to wait a little”
  • Wear a piece of jewelry (ring or bracelet) that will remind you every time you reach for food or are about to put something into your month to eat in moderation and pick healthy options.
  • Wear a form-fitting outfit or tight pants which will remind you not to stuff yourself to discomfort.
  • Focus on the company instead of the food and mingle all night long.
  • Eat something healthy at home before you go to a party so that you are not hungry when you arrive.
  • If possible, pack some healthy snacks.

Good luck!