Reward healthy eating

.Rewarding your child with food doesn’t promote a healthy relationship to food. Therefore Stellibell has developed a point system you can use to reward healthy eating. Every time your child tries or eats a new or healthy food give him/her points.

Create a chart for tracking together with your child. Have fun and decorate it with stickers, glitter etc. You also need to decide what the price is when your child has met the points goal. A great goal is something you can do together - go to the book store and buy her/his favorite book, go to the movies or show etc.

Based on the points below, 100 points is a good goal.

Trying a new food (even if it's just a bite) = 5 pts Eating most the veggies/fruits = 4 pts Eating most of the protein = 3 pts Helping with the cooking = 3 pts Cleaning up the table = 3pts

The most important step, have fun!!