Questions and answers about LCHF and my routines

I've been getting a lot of emails with questions about LCHF and my routines lately so I thought I would do a question and answer post to answer you all. Q: How long have you been following the LCHF lifestyle? A: I've been following it for a year and a half. And I've been loving every minute!

Q: Do you ever cheat and eat non-LCHF foods? A: If I get tempted to eat something with sugar or carbs, I just remind myself how bad I will feel afterwards. It’s not worth it. I get really bad stomach aches, get tired and get bloated right away. If I crave a treat I will have some dark chocolate or raspberries. There are so many yummy LCHF foods that there is no need to feel deprived.

Q; How do you stay motivated to exercise? A: There are definitely days when it's tough to go to the gym after coming home from work and putting the kids to bed (I'm not a morning exerciser...), but I try to think that I'm very fortunate who can workout and I know that I will love it once I get there. Another trick I use is that I tell myself that I only have to stay for 10 minutes and if I still don't want to workout after that I can go home. I've never gone home....

Q: How often do you workout and what do you do? A: I do the Stellibell workout challenge 3 times every week. I also try to go to the gym twice a week to lift weights, and I run on Sundays.

Q: Does the rest of your family eat according to LCHF? A: I would say they eat LCFH about 75% of the time. All of our dinners are LCHF, but we add whole wheat pasta for the kids when we are serving vegetables they don’t like. My daughter who is 10 years old likes to bring a LCHF lunch to school; snack is a babybell cheese and cut up pieces of raw peppers. Lunch is usually a protein (chicken or all natural cold-cuts) some raspberries and almonds.

Q: What do you do with your “free” time? A: My number one priority is my family, and since my husband and I work full-time we spend the entire weekends with our children. We try to come up with one activity on Saturdays so that we can be together at home on Sundays and just take it easy. We all need it with our busy schedules. We also take care of all errands and most chores on Saturday so that we can relax together on Sundays.

Keep the questions coming!