Myths and answers about LCHF/Keto

    There are a lot of myths and beliefs about the LCHF/Keto lifestyle, and unfortunately you will be met with comments or critiques when you start with this new lifestyle. The best way to prove them wrong is to show them your own results. Here are some myths with answers to prepare you even more to stand up to criticism.

    Myth #1 - "When you follow an LCHF lifestyle you are not allowed to eat any carbs” Answer: Not true. You can and should eat vegetables, nuts, and dairy products. You can also eat some berries. You are just eating healthy carbs in a limited amount.

    Myth #2 - "You are going to have to eat unnatural amounts of fat" Answer: No. You can eat a lot of fat if you want to since you won't gain weight from it, but it's not something you will do since you are only supposed to eat until you are full. Add lots of healthy fats such as olive oil, an avocado, etc., but don't eat them if you are full. Try to eat loads of mayo on your grilled chicken and salad. After a few minutes you are so stuffed that you can't continue eating.

    Myth #3 - "You turn stupid when you eat LCHF because the brain needs carbohydrates” (This is my personal favorite and I hear it all the time. Where do people get these ideas from?) Answer: That is a wrong statement. You will get plenty of carbs (not that they are needed anyway) from the vegetables and nuts that you are eating.

    Myth #4 - "Your body is not going to get all the vitamins and nutrients it needs with an LCHF lifestyle" Answer: Actually, your body will probably get more vitamins than it's ever gotten. You are replacing all the junk food and processed carbohydrates with wholesome food: vegetables, berries, nuts, meats, seafood, etc. Remember, an egg has all the vitamins you need in one day. Add a couple of slices of lemon to your water and you are all set.

    Myth #5 - ”LCHF is extremely dangerous for the arteries because all that butter is going to clog them up" Answer: Last time I checked I'm warm blooded, so no, all that butter is not going to harden and clog my arteries. LCHF could actually increase your HDL and decrease your risk for heart disease.

    Myth #6 - ”Your cholesterol is going to sky rocket now that you are eating eggs and bacon daily" Answer: Well, first of all I don't eat eggs and bacon every day. But I do love eggs so I eat them a couple times a week. I can't resist when I think of all the vitamins and nutrients they give me. My cholesterol has never been better since I started with LCHF.

    Myth #7 - "People on LCHF must be feeling like crap since they’re not eating any carbs" Answer: Yes, if you have been living on bread, pasta, and cookies, you might feel a little bit lousy during the first week or two as your body adjusts to your new healthy lifestyle. But after the transition you will feel better than ever.

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