Meet Kim, one of our Stellibell moms

Meet Kim, one of our Stellibell moms, who will share her Stellibell stories with us now and then. We love her for her witty humor, awesome personality, amazing recipes and for letting us being part of her life. We think you will too!

My blossoming sixteen month old somehow forged a secret relationship with our two year old black Labrador retriever Rita.  Dinnertime in our house was an orchestrated and under the table union of my son feeding “his” dinner to “his” now dog.  The had it timed perfectly.  When I put a washed dish into the cupboard, I’d catch a dinosaur nugget get slurped up in dog tongue.  When I acknowledged the exchange, I was met with innocent eyes, both equally convincing.  “Not me mom, I didn’t do anything,” Max would say if he could form sentences.  And the dog, “Who me, I’m just keeping him company”.   Now I fully acknowledge there are things I could have done, like put the dog outside or downstairs.  And trust me, I tried.  All of them.  It wasn’t until we signed up for Stellibell I realized maybe it more of a dinosaur nugget issue.  We tried their Chicken Sausage and Bow Tie pasta the other night.  Rita, sat waiting impatiently for her hand-off until she gave up and reunited with her half eaten bone.  While Max...well Mr. Max sat in his high-chair, smiles cheek to cheek, with Bow Tie goodness in his mouth, hair, lap and hands.  It was a dinnertime miracle.  Even more of a miracle for me, working mom, because the recipe and ingredients were delivered right to my doorstep.  Now dinnertime is an ordered affair; dog in her dog bed, Max in his high chair.   Food in the right hands & mouth.  Thanks to Stellibell, we’re eating delicious food and we’re enjoying it together!