Make your workout sessions count

Last night when I was at the gym I realized how much people need help and they don’t even know it. They are working out for hours and they probably don’t see much results because only 10% is exercise and 80% is diet. With LCHF you will lose weight without exercising, but does that mean you shouldn’t exercise? I believe we all should exercise for our health. Get the blood pumping and get all the toxins out! Eating right and exercising is not only going to help you lose weight the healthiest way, but also in the most efficient way. And we all want to save time, right? Instead of wasting hours in the gym, decrease your workout time and work out more intense. Interval training or tabata training are great methods to push the intensity in your workout sessions. Our workout challenges are great for fast results in less time.

Here is this week’s challenge.

workout challenge 3

As always, email me at if you have any questions, and to give me your progress report.

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