Time saving tips #5 - live in the moment

.This morning when I looked at the list of things that needs to be done this week, I couldn't help to feel a little bit overwhelmed. Lots of projects at work, tons of kids activities to keep track of etc etc. So what would be more perfect than living by my own words and reminding myself of how to stay sane:

• Live in the moment – don’t stress about tomorrow. Focus on what needs to be done today and tackle one task after another. • Let it go – I can’t go to my daughter’s Girl Scout tea party on Friday because of work. But you know what? She will go with her friends and have fun without me. I’ve taken her the last 3 years, so I don’t need to feel guilty. I’m letting it go. • Focus - stop checking texts when your friends are right in front of you. Stop watching TV while you eat. Don’t surf the web while you’re on the phone. Multitasking doesn’t always say you time.

These steps will not only save you time and make you more efficient in finishing tasks, studies also shows that these steps will significantly decreases depression and increase happiness!

I feel better already! :)