Kicking of the weekend

.It's Friday! It's time to kick of the weekend!

Growing up my parents did a great job of kicking of the weekends on Fridays so that we all started relaxing and got ready to enjoy a couple of days off. My dad would cook a nice meal and my mom would clean up and light some candles. We would all hang out and play a game or watch a movie together. I think this is a great way to make sure everyone relaxes a little after a stressful week and enjoy some time together.

I want to continue this tradition in my family so my husband and I try to do this every Friday, but it's tough sometimes with a busy schedule. Sometimes Friday nights is the only night we have time to go to the grocery store. Depressing but true.

But tonight I'm going to serve some delish ketogenic snacks - parmesan chips, dip and olives - and kick off a great weekend. What are your plans?

Happy Friday!

Chips and dip