keto and lchf inspired school lunch

Yesterday school started so it's back to start packing school lunches again. My children (kindergarten and 6th grade) don't follow the LCHF/keto lifestyle, but they come pretty close. We save candy eating for Saturdays only and we stay away from processed food as much as we can.

Here are some keto and lchf inspired school lunch examples:

6th Grade lunch example: Snack - Babybell cheese and carrots Lunch - Turkey, raspberries and almonds

Kindergarten lunch example: Snack - Babybell and apple Lunch - yougurt, carrots and crackers

Since it's all about keeping a balance we splurge with popcorn, whole grain crackers or dark chocolate on Fridays. I want them to know that no food is forbidden, we just don't eat them all the time.

lunch bags