High-protein diet linked to cancer

.New research shows high-protein diets linked to cancer. An article published in the journal Cell Metabolism says that, over an 18-year study period, Americans between 55 and 65 of age, who had the highest consumption of protein were more than four times as likely to die of cancer or diabetes, and twice as likely to die of any cause, than those whose diets were lowest in protein.

But a high-protein diet had the opposite effect on Americans 66 and older, a group of Americans and Italian researchers found. Those whose diets were highest in protein were 60% less likely to die of cancer and 28% less likely to die of any cause than were those whose protein intake was lowest.

This is when we as individuals have to educate ourselves and hunt down the true facts to ensure we have accurate information. I always find it astonishing when the news come out with big headlines about research that affect our health and they don't present all the facts. Does the survey take peoples lifestyles in to account (disease, smoking, eating junk foods, eating vegetables, exercise etc)...?

Also, just to be clear, the ketogenic/LCHF lifestyle doesn't advocate for an increase of red meat or other proteins. It's about eating healthy proteins, vegetables and fats until you feel full.