Feng Shui Makeover – decluttering

.Time to continue my Feng Shui Makeover. I’m still keeping the foyer clean and inviting, so so far so good. The next thing I will tackle is clutter since the timing works perfect for a spring-cleaning. Feng Shui is all about moving energy, and de-cluttering your house will allow for the energy to move freely. Before you start de-cluttering it’s really important that you clean and dust your house. If your house is dirty, the energy circulating is dirty.

An easy process to de-clutter your house –

Go from room to room and check for: • Are the areas (tables, counters, desk, chairs etc) clean? • Do you have papers (mail, magazines, books, bills etc) laying around? • Look around and try to figure out what feeling the room is giving you. Do you have decorations that make you feel good? Do anyone of them have any negative associations? Does the room represent you, and your future goals?

Areas that is good to clean out ongoing:

• Your closet. Do you wear all the clothes in your closet? If not, clean it out and donate what you don’t wear • Toy room. If you have children, make them a part of the process and teach them the value of donating toys to those in need. • The Pantry. Go through your pantry and throw out food that has expired.

Questions to ask yourself while de-cluttering:

• Do I need this? • When was the last time I used it? • Do I love it?

Clutter affects your whole life, since it will pull down your energy (feelings like tired, confused, difficulties to focus, overwhelmed etc). So de-clutter and let the positive energy flow. This is Feng Shui Makeover you will feel the affects of immediately!

No clutter

living room