2014 Resolutions

Do you believe in New Year's Resolutions? Most of us don't stick to them very long, so I’m not sure if they are that effective. But I do believe in setting goals and in order to reach a goal you need to do some planning. Start with setting some realistic small goals. If they are too big and too difficult to reach you can become discourage. I recommend looking out for the next 6 months and setting up small goals leading up to your ultimate goal six months from now. Goals are not just about weight. If you’re goal is to get healthier and lose weight here are some ideas:

This week's goal

•Eat healthy every day (not boring food, just healthy. Try new recipes. We have lots of them here.

• Take a walk every day

• Take 30 minutes by myself to read a book, mediate (whatever you like to do to de-stress)

This month

• I will lose 4 pounds (1 pound every week)

• I will exercise 3 times a week

• I will try a new recipe every week

In six months

• I will have lost X pounds

• Be in the habit of exercising every week

• Prioritize time for myself

• Eating healthy ongoing

• Eat a vegetarian dinner once a week

Click here to get our Time Management Tool, which will help you track your goals. Time to set some goals and reach them. Let’s live!